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Getflix VPN vs SurfEasy VPN

In my opinion, Getflix VPN is superior over SurfEasy VPN!
After carefully using & testing both VPN's, I have listed my test results below in the comparison table. As you can see Getflix VPN is a better VPN compared to SurfEasy VPN. Also based on the user reviews, we can conclude that people like Getflix VPN over SurfEasy VPN.

Getflix VPNSurfEasy VPN
PriceStarting price $4.5 per monthStarting at $7.50 per month
Free TrialYes, Getflix VPN offers 14 day free trial!No free trial, SurfEasy VPN 14-day money-back guarantee
Established inGetflix VPN was created in 2011SurfEasy VPN was created in 2002
Customer Service
Easy to use
Works with NetflixYes, Getflix VPN works with NetflixYes, SurfEasy VPN works with Netflix
Maximum usersUp to 5 users can use Getflix VPN at the same time.Up to 5 users can use SurfEasy VPN at the same time.
ReviewsGetflix VPN reviewSurf easy review
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