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F Secure Freedome vs Hotspot Shield VPN

In my opinion, Hotspot Shield VPN is superior over F Secure Freedome!
After carefully using & testing both VPN's, I have listed my test results below in the comparison table. As you can see Hotspot Shield VPN is a better VPN compared to F Secure Freedome. Also based on the user reviews, we can conclude that people like Hotspot Shield VPN over F Secure Freedome.

F Secure FreedomeHotspot Shield VPN
VPNhotspot shield
PriceStarting price $3.33 per monthStarting price $2.99 per month
Free TrialYes, F Secure Freedome offers 5 day free trial!Yes, Hotspot Shield VPN offers 7 day free trial!
Established inF Secure Freedome was created in 1996Hotspot Shield VPN was created in 2019
Customer Service
Easy to use
Works with NetflixNo, F Secure Freedome No works with NetflixYes, Hotspot Shield VPN works with Netflix
Maximum usersUp to 7 users can use F Secure Freedome at the same time.Up to 5 users can use Hotspot Shield VPN at the same time.
ReviewsHotspot Shield VPN Review
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