browsec premium VPN

Browsec Premium VPN

Right now you can browse using the Browsec VPN for only $1.99 per month given that there is currently a 60% discount, with turbo speed browsing up to 100 Mbps you can enjoy 42 premium locations to browse from therefore being able to view anything you would like.

Browsec Free Version

The free version of the Browsec VPN still has great options, it has a relatively slow download speed of only 1mbps but there are 4 different locations that you can browse from still giving you some variety of options in terms of where you would like to browse from. The premium subscription offers completely private servers however the free version offers shared servers hosted by Browsec VPN.

Browsec Premium VPN

The 2 years plan for Browsec VPN currently costs only $1.99 per month, if you choose the monthly subscription you pay $3.99 per month and if you decide on the annual subscription then it is only $2.49 per month giving you a great service for an outstanding price.

In the unlikely case that Browsec VPN is not for you, they have a 7-day money-back guarantee meaning that if you are not enjoying the service in the first 7 days then you can get a 100% refund.

Payment can be done by either card or PayPal, therefore, utilising the safe and secure boundaries of PayPal.

Up to 5 different devices can be used on the same Browsec premium account and you can use it across a variety of different device types such as IOS, Android and desktop. You can even use it on different types of devices on the same account therefore saving you buying different subscriptions per device.

When Browsec is on, you’re secured by military-grade encryption, therefore, making you very secure in the way that you go around the internet, so you do not need to fear when you’re connecting to that public WIFI when travelling around.


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